Friday, 14 August 2009

Retribution Spoilers - Warcasters


Adeptis Rahn
Focus 8.
Feat: +2 range to non channeled spells at magic attack and damage rolls are boosted to everyone in ctrl.
+2 def again range attack and no blast damage. Beat Back, Critical Smite, Reach, Magic Weapon
Chain Blast – 3″ AOE that rolls an addition 3″ aoe deviation.
Force Blast – Target battlegroup model. Enemies are pushed 4″ directly away.
Force Field – Self – doesn’t suffer b last or collateral damage, no KD, if an AOE attack deviates you choose the direction.
Force Hammer – Slams non incorporeal models d6″a and suffers pow 12.
Polarity Shield – Like the cent.
Telekinesis – Like eHaley.

- Rahn looks like an interesting caster. 8 Focus is really nice, hitting DEF 15 on average rolls. One thing that is definitely obvious is that he really wants more focus. He has such a nice tool box of spells, you're going to have to really plan out your casting. Polarity shield works amazingly with our ranged troops giving us an added protection against retaliation. Force Blast is also an amazing spell for getting our jacks out of sticky situations. As of now his feat seems to only apply to himself and other House Shyeel models. Whether or not this is going to be a useful feat remains to be seen. I do like Rahn, being able to couple a TK with a FH while still upkeeping a couple spells is really nice. He continues our theme of moving our enemies into the most advantageous positions for us.

Ravyn, Eternal Light
Foc 6
Feat: Fire Storm – Models in CTRL gain boosted attack rolls and swift hunter.
Gunfighter, Quick Work (after destroying model with melee can make a range), Swift Hunter, Virtuoso, Magi Weapon, Blaster (may spend a focus to turn into AOE), Thresher.
Veil of Mists – 4″ AOE cloud that doesn’t affect friend models, give friendly pathfinder, move through obstructions while in it
Vortex of Destruction – Damage rolls against enemy modes in SELF range are automatically boosted.

- Ravyn is another of our casters that look really interesting. Thresher + Vortex of Destruction will absolutely demolish troops in her melee range. Snipe is just one of those golden spells for a faction with a lot of range, and once you see our ranged units you'll why its so gross. Veil of Mists is a really nice cloud effect due to the fact that it's a 4" cloud giving much, much greater protection to our lightly armored models. I'll have to wait for my book to see if Quick Work procs off every kill, which in essence will double the amount of attacks she can make due to her gunfighter rule. Actually forget that, if it works the way that I think it does, thresher and then fire off a bunch of ranged shots at something, which can also be turned into an AoE for a focus. Nasty if you think about it.

From everything I've seen, it looks like we don't have a type cast caster. Vyros isn't really a Jack caster, Rahn and Ravyn aren't troop casters. All 5 of our casters are asking for combined forces, they can all use a node, maybe a heavy and with our amazing troops and solos, you re going to want those too.

I personally can not wait to start getting models.

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