Friday, 14 August 2009

Retribution Spoilers - Solos

Now on to my favourite part of this army, the Solos:

Dawnguard Scyir
Commander, Jack Marshal, Coordinated Strike (This model and the jack it controls ignores Dawnguard for LOS and can move through them), Drive: Reroll (Warjack and reroll one attack), Flank, Iron Sentinel (+2 Arm when B2B with faction warjack), Reach.

- The griffon was made for this guy. The two of them are going to pair up incredibly well, especially given his drive (again, rerolls are fantastic). But then you tack on +2 ARM in B2B and flank and we have a very solid combo. Almost like having our own lesser warcaster.

Special Actions
Concetrated Power – RNG 5 targe warjack gets +2 to melee damage rolls.
Power Booster – RNG 5 if jack has no focus it gains 1 focus. If it was disrupted it is no longer disrupted.
Repair – D6 damage.

- Repair is good. Getting rid of disruption is good. A free focus for a jack that has none is good. +2 to damage is good. FA 2 is good. 2 points is good. And he has a huge frakking wrench for a weapon. What is there not to love about this guy. Sure, he's gonna be squishy, but really do you care? By the time he gets turned into fine elven paste you should be on you assassination run. In fact, you run should be over before he dies.

Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen
Dragoon, Rapid Strike (one additional attack), Righteous Fury (+2 arm when friendly faction models within command are destroyed), Magic Weapon, Reach, Weapon Master, Blessed.

- I love this guy. Two weapon master attacks on a Blessed, reach weapon is nice, combined with tall in the saddle, this guy is a great solo/UA hunter. Righteous fury just helps him hit harder and survive longer. A nice character model for us, and hopefully a really nice model.

AD, Fearless, Stealth, Souless, Arcane Annihilation (when it destroys a model, enemy models within 8″ lose focus and fury points and cannot cast spells, channel or use animi), Spell Ward. Magic Weapon, Reach.

- Holy disruption grenade. Well, not really a grenade, more a land mine. Your opponent has to pop Nayl for Arcane Annihilation to go off, so they can work around it. Against hordes the removal of all fury within 8" will hurt them more than machine players as they'll be gimped the following turn too. Otherwise, he's a nice solo, we just need to see what his P+S is.

Mage Hunter Assassin
AD, Pathfinder, Stealth, Arcane Assassin, Weapon Master, Chain Strike (4″ melee during activation), Chain Weapon, Decapitation (Damage is double, no tough roll)

- She has SPD 7, so that is a 14" threat range with arcane assassin so she ignores any DEF/ARM buffs and Weapon Master and Decapitation. Wow, I know that she is going to die to a stiff breeze, but the sheer amount of terror she will cause you opponent by her merely being on the table will be more than worth it. There is also a way to get 6 of the in a 35 point list, which I'll cover in another post.

Ghost Sniper
Pathfinder, Stealth, Camouflage, Swift Hunter (elylyth), Deadly Shot (like snipe but 3 points of damage)

- Auto 3 damage is really nice. Swift hunter means that he can move out of cover, pop off a shot, and then move back to avoid retalliation. Plus, the model just rocks.

House of Shyeel Magister
Magic Ability 7, Force Bolt – POW 10 RNG 10 pushes D3″, Whip Snap – RNG 6 POW 12 friend model within 3″ can advance up to 3″, Beat Back, Combo Smite

- MITTENS. Like his battle mage brothers, its going to be hard to tell just how good he is due to the fact that I don't know his raw stats. But looking at the spoiler he continues our ability to move our enemies to where we want them. Beat back twice, and then combo smite for another D3" on a heavy (D6 on anyone else) will give us an average of 4"(5") at the end with is better than just combo smiting for distance.

Dawnguard Destor Than (cav solo)
Commander, Gunfighter, Unyeilding, Virtuoso (Holt), Mulit-fire (like esorsha’s gun)

- Yes, we get a cav solo that can shoot up to 3 times, in combat and the attack with his melee weapon if anything is still alive.

The solos are what really push this army into craziness. Like our units, most of our solos don't require any additional support, you can trust them to get their job done. Now all we are really waiting for is the models to be previewed.

Let me know what you guys think about our revealed units.


  1. Alright here is my two cents, I'll put it all in one comment to keep it a bit simpler. First of all the Retribution is not overpowered to say the least, the PP forums are just full of knee jerking cry babies who can't change their theorymachine lists they got from the forums to deal with a new threat.

    And that is what the Retribution is, a new threat, they take tactics you never had to think about to defeat and models that have been thought of as bad, for example Black Ogrun will be amazing for Cryx to get to those pesky Soulless Escorts.

    But I digress, we got a ton of amazing things that can deal with everything out there. I'll start with Rahn, who is probably my least favorite caster but if you like board control and push things around this is the caster for you. If you need to clear up a lane or move someone off an objective this guy is the guy for you. Ravyn is absolutely amazing, she is a wrecking machine against infantry, and good with an array for shooting troops, with a couple Phoenix she can really send them flying across the field with Locomotion.

    Now the Infantry, all amazing so I won't really go into it too much. The only thing I would've liked is more themed lists that include the Houseguard.

    And the solos the creme of the crop for us.With stars for me being the Scyir, Assassin,and Nayl. First the Scyir which basically is asking for a Griffon every time you put him on the table. He is just too good especially around Dawnguard, such as invictors who have flank and he can charge right through them along with his jack. Now my favorite the Assassin, (if I can't give out stats let me know) a Mat 7 Spd 7 PS 9 (I believe) 4" reach, Weapon Master, with Decapitation and Arcane Assassin.She is bananas, will probably go over by a stiff breeze but they bring such a threat of fear to the table that she doesn't need to do her job but to keep the enemy from doing their's. Now Nayl, whos stats are mediocre but is just a caster disruption bomb, send him close and wait for him to be destroyed giving you one round of reprieve from focus, then have Garryth pops his feat the next turn and if you have Eiryss have her shoot him the last turn. Three rounds without focus is the majority of a game for a warcaster and makes them quite helpless for say an assassin to come in and finish the job, that or Narn who is still awesome.

    The more I think about the Retribution the more I like them especially all my Mage Hunters now, I love these guys.

  2. The really nice thing about the assassin is that MAT looks like nothing your caster should worry about, until you add Garryth to the mix. The rerolls from Death Sentence helps her hit those high DEF casters, who cant even buff it as she ignores those spells.

    It's not going to surprise me when you read and hear about surprise assassinations from the assassin missle.

    P.S: Garryth also gives one of them an eztra 2" threat. Nothing like a decapitating weaponmaster with a 16" threat range.

  3. Well Garryth provides a lot of options for assassinations besides personally doing it. Normally someone would not feel entirelly threatened at 17" from Garryth because they are out of his melee range, even with Mirage on himself, and his ranged shots are more or less icing on his already delicious blade-cakes. But having several Assassins around he can Gallows directly from himself to the enemy warcaster and apply Death Sentence as long as he gets a 2" pull but that is merely Vacuum Theory and is just another tool in his spectacular warcaster killing repertoire.