Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Got my book from my ninja shopper. Reading through the fluff right now. I'm really impressed with the quality of the book. And the fluff is awesome


  1. Any way you could send me a picture of the Dragoon? That is the one new model I haven't seen the art of.

    Also any interesting bits of fluff you can spoil for me?

  2. The dragoon looks sick. I'll scan a pic in for you tonight.

    Fluff wise, they go into greater depth with Gyrrshyld. Garryth is a true BAMF. There is a new Khador caster, oh and Khador gets rocked hard core. They mention what the 5 military houses specialise in. Nyarr is dawnguard, but dawnguard is just a term for the heavy troops. All the Military houses have dawnguard. House Shyeel supplied the majority of the warcasters to the RoS as well as their Myrs. House Vyre has stepped up production for Ios, so we might see some Vyre Myrs.

    The Orgoth were human. I don't remember if that was mentioned anywhere else, but that stuck out to me.