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Retribution Spoilers - Units

The Units plus their UAs:

Invictor UA
Officer – CRA, Officer, Defensive Line, Extended Fire (+4 RNG) mini feat.
Flank. Granted Combine Arms. If attack misses for a CRA it can reroll that attack once.
Standard Bearer – Defensive Line.

- Extended fire is very nice on a ranged unit, especially during the opening turns of a game where normally everyone would be out of range. The extra 4" will allow you to pop off an early CRA into something dangerous, or even to start the destruction. Combine Arms gives me a reason to always CRA, even if it's a 2 man shot. Rerolls are incredibly helpful, even when i comes to hitting DEF higher than you would normally.

Sentinel UA
Officer – Officer, Drive: Pronto, Granted Vengeance (bane knights)
Standard Bearer – Defensive line

- Pronto is awesome as a Drive as it continues to push the speed of the Ret, which is a lot faster than looks on paper. But the real reason that you are going to want the UA is Vengence. Once you get this unit stuck in, they are going to start wrecking face. The sentinels and UA re really going to love IR from Vryos as ARM 19 Bane Knights are gonna scare just about everybody

Mage Hunters Strike Force
CMA, Pathfinder, Stealth, Arcane Assassin and Jack Hunter (Additional die to melee and range damage rolls against jack) perfect for Kaelyss. Mage Hunters are rat 6 with range 12 guns. Light jacks beware PoW 10 shots with 3d6. Warcaster beware if it’s backlashed. POW 9 +4D6 if they charge a jack. If they CRA it it would pack a big punch against a heavy.

- Wow, in a game that has gone jack heavy, we have the only unit that specifically does more damage to jacks. The extra die on damage from a POW 10 means an average of 2 points on an ARM 18. Now if we combine this with Kaelyssa, we have the perfect unit for a Backlash assassination. A full unit will do 20 to the jack and 10 to the caster, and I'm not even counting what Kaelyssa herself can do.

Mage Hunter Strike Force UA
Mage Hunter UA gives them AD and Phantom Seeker.

- Wait, now the Jack hunters start closer and have Eiryss' phantom seeker bolt. Cue Bond villain hand wringing.

Dawnguard Destors (Cav unit)
Gun fighter, Dual Shot, Unyielding (+2 arm while engaged)

- I'll be honest, the Destors confuse me a little. They are a cav unit so you want to keep them moving, but dual shot means you want to keep them still. Although, you can forfeit your move in melee to shoot twice. Hmm, I guess this is another unit that I am really going to need to my book before I make any decisions about. But if they look anything like their picture, then its guaranteed I am going to buy them.

Stormfall Archers
Range 12 power 12 3 inch AOE weapons, May choose on of the following attacks (doesn’t have to be as a whole).Brutal Shot, Snipe, Star Strike – no damage but suffers fire.

- It's been spoiled that they are RAT 5, so the chances of a brutal shot going off are slim unless the target is KD'd or a stationary jack due to Kaelyssa. Snipe makes them Range 16 AoEs which is really nice in the opening stages. Star fall looks powerful, but you'll only get 3 of them on average rolls and if you're up against eFeora you're just feeding her feat.

Souless Escort
Attachment any Retribution Unit, Disbinding (enemy upkeep spells expire), Flank, Mage Static (-5 range to magic attacks against this unit) Souless, Tag Along (does not gain unit abilities except AD)

- Want to make you Cryx buddy cry? Include 3 of these little guys. -3 RNG on a RNG 8 spell hurts a lot. For only 1 point, the escort is a great WA. He's awesome at making sure your unit survives against anything but a serious magic assault. And with the new unit formation rules, you can keep him 6 - 8" behind the unit he is supporting.

Houseguard Halberdiers
CMA, Ranked Attacks, Shield Wall, Reach, Brutal Charge, Set Defense

- These guys are my go to cheap meat shields. 15/18 against a charge is better than TFG and +2 damage on a charge is really nice on those few times you are going to be charging.

Houseguard Halberdiers UA
CMA, Officer, Granted: Reform (after completing action models can move 3″) Ranked Attacks, Team Effort (Once per game +2 attack and damage rolls again enemy models in melee range of another model in unit), Standard Bearer, Reach, Brutal Charge Set Defense

- This UA is really nice, but I don't feel it is as much of an auto include as the sentinel, invictor and Riflemen UAs. The mini feat is nice if you want to put a hurting on something. I would pop it the same time that I charged something beefy, like a jack. The extra 3" move helps them keep up with the rest of the army, as your only going to be walking in shield wall.

Houseguard Riflemen
CRA, Ranked Attacks. Rang 14 power 10.

- The ranked attacks mean that you can get your entire unit in on the CRA, which is nice on a RNG 14 POW 10. A full 10 man CRA will net you a POW 20, more than enough to start threatening Khador Jacks.

Houseguard Riflemen UA
CRA, Officer. Granted: War Tempered (can make CRA models in melee), Ranked Attacks, Whites of Their Eyes (mini feat, gain additional die on range attack rolls against models within 8″).

- There is no reason to ever no take this UA. The mini feat is cool if you are make a bunch of single of 2 man shots. But the greatest thing about this unit is War Tempered. The biggest limitation on CRAs has been that you cant CRA into melee. Well we can, and we can do it with a POW 21 with +11 to the attack roll. Very, very few casters are going to walk away unscathed from that hit. Butcher, Skarre with a good sac lamb roll camping focus and feated, and Karchev are the only ones that come to mind.

Battle Mages
Magic Ability 6
Force Bolt – RNG 10, POW 10 magic on pushes d3 on crit KD.

- The unit of mittens. Really unit I can see their MAT and PS there really isn't a lot to go on. Force bolt is helpful in opening holes for assassination runs.

There isn't a unit that from stats a lone looks like junk. I want to include every single one of these in every list that I make. We have a lot of strong, independent units. If you notice there isn't a lot of inter unit synergy like you would see in Menoth or Cryx. Nor are we a hammer like Khador. We are a snipers bullet, and the only thing in our cross hairs is the enemy caster.

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