Monday, 20 July 2009

RoS vs CoO Batrep

Another Sunday has passed and another round of games for me. As we're pretty much done with our CTA league, we were just playing games to play games, so I thought why not try out my beloved Elves. So after getting photocopies I went a put a list together:

- Manticore
- Manticore
- Phoenix

6 Invictors
6 Invictors
10 Sentinels



- Megalith
- Woldwarden
- Woldwryd

Wrong Eye
- Snapjaw

- Skarrath

Farrow Bone Grinders
Stoneward & Woldstalkers
Gatormen Posse


I won the roll off and deployed first. I had the Phoenix and 1st Manticore a little to the right of center with the other Manticore about 10" away from them. Behind the 2 groups of Jacks were both Invictor units, with A&H in the middle, Vyros behind the Invictors on the right and the Sentinels and Eiryss off to the hold the right flank. He pretty much placed everything in front of me hiding behind a building, with the Woldstalkers opposite the Sentinels.

Turn 1:
RoS - Vyros cast Mobility and then moved to catch the Sentinels with Invoilable Resolve. The Jacks moved up with both Manticores dropping their covering fire in front of the Woldstalkers. The Sentinels ran and both units of Invictors moved up but they were not able to take a shot on anything. And I had forgot to activate Eiryss who was hiding really well in a building.
CoO - Moved everything up. Woldstalkers moved around the templates and shot at the Sentienls, but couldn't get passed their ARM 19. The Warden moved up and Earthspiked the Phoenix knocking it and the Manticore next to it down. Megalith then moved up and Earthspiked the Invictors killing the unit leader.

Turn 2:
RoS - I gave 2 to the Manticore on the ground and upkept IR. Sentinels charged the Woldstalkers and wiped them all out except for the druid. I then moved the left most Invictors up to take a pot shot at the Woldwryd and only did a couple points to it. The other Invictor unit just advanced up. Activated Vyros and moved him up and then cast Mobility. The Phoenix then moved to get a better shot at Baldur but missed. A&H moved up and Aiyanna Harmed the Woldwarden. Then Manticore with 2 focus then moved into Melee with the Woldwarden and in one swing took out both its Mind and Spirit. 4D6 +5 was insane. The other Manticore moved around to counter charge if necessary. And again I forgot about Eiryss.
CoO - Megalith then charged in and caught both Manticores in his melee range and proceed to wail on them both, but failed to disable the first Manticore. Snapjaw then charged in and finished off the already heavily damaged jack. The Warden moved up onto the wreck marker to swing on the Manticore and took out the rest of its field and did a couple points to the hull. while the second Manticore received a charge from Skarath, and took a little damage from it too. The remaining druid ran from the Sentinels and the Gatormen repositioned to charge the next turn. Baldur moved behind the building and stone skined the Warden.

Turn 3:
RoS - Moved the full Invictor unit around to take a shot at Megalith in combat and did a couple points to its body. The Phoenix moved again to catch Baldur and shot with it going wide. Vyros arc'd an Eliminator through the Phoenix onto Dahlia killing her. I then used the 2" place to get Vyros in Charge range of Megalith and feated then charged in, but failed to get rid of Megalith. The Invictors then killed 2 of the Bone grinders giving the 2 focus to the Manticore. Aiyanna moved around to catch Baldur in her no spell zone, and Holt tried to do some more to the Wryd. The Manticore then 2 Hand threw Megalith at Baldur but missed.
CoO - The Wyrd shot Vyros and then Snapjaw took him out in combat.

Impressions -

As my first game not all that bad. Vryos wants/needs more focus to be a serious Jack caster, which to be honest I don't think that's what he is. I truly believe that he is a combined arms caster. You definitely need the mix of troops and jacks to make the most of his feat.

The Manticore was just wow, this jack can seriously put a hurting on anything it comes within 0.5" of and I love the board control that covering fire gives me. I love this Jack. Whereas the Phoenix really didn't need to be in this list. I could have used a Gorgon or even a Hydra (as the Node situationally useful with Vyros).

I deployed the Sentinels way too far away for them to make any kind of difference, and while the Invictors where really nice, there really wasn't many opportunities for them to shoot due to the terrain on the table.

All in all, I think the Retribution is shaping up to be a really nice army, but it's going to be impossible to tell as there is just not enough options right now.

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