Friday, 10 July 2009


I'm going to apologise to everyone for my over reaction to the loss of the ranged flank. I really wasn't thinking clearly and I posted in that state.

The Invictors are a really good ranged unit, the problem I see is that we have at least 2 more ranged units that we need to see the stats for. My other issue is what the Invictors can do, the Sentinels can do better and cheaper.

So again, apologies for the outbursts on the PP boards.


  1. I can see the problems that Invictors can have they fall into the realm of Multi-Role units, such as Stormblades, Errants, and Arcuarii who in Mk. 1 don't get much love, but the diference is that Invictors are slightly more ranged orriented than these other Multi-Role unit which opens up a few more options.

    I too am favoring Sentinels at the moment, having the same PS as the Invictors shot along with Weapon Master and with the inclussion Lanyssa in an army with the use of Hunter's Mark they have virtually the same threat. With Invictors having a ranged threat of 15" and Sentinels having a threat of 12" so being a cheaper unit Sentinels do have very obvious upsides.

  2. I think any outburst about a game and faction you are passionate about, as long as they do not seem "whiny" are ok.

    Then again I didn't see the PP Boards post, but I don't think your last entry was bad or anything.

  3. Really? I love the invictors right now. I know that the melee role of them is able to be done by sentinels, but thats not all they are.

    I love combined range shots on the enemy models. I love the fact that my range unit can have armor 19. I love the fact that if you do melee them they aren't just going to roll over and die. Add in the fact that we have two jacks with the same range to stand in their lines to add flank with them makes for a great center control area.

    Now when we see what the mage hunter strike force and the house guard can do, I admit that I may want to run other things then them in 35/500 point games.

    Also I can't ever see having them use their jack marshal ability. Then again I can't see having the sentinels use it either. I would loved to have seen the sentinels get flank instead and the invictors get a second shot ability, but thats just me.