Friday, 10 July 2009

Flank Typo

PPS_DC wrote:
Please add:
Invictor "Flank" should be worded exactly the same as Vyros' Flank.

Thank you.

I understand that they want to keep rules with the same name the same, but the problem that I have with this is it truly reduces the reason to take Invictors over Sentinels.

  • Invictors are more expensive
  • POW 10 vs POW 12
  • In order to get the 3rd D6 there needs to be a jack in melee, increasing the cost of the unit again.
Now I'm not saying that I won't be getting the Invictors, I love the models, but outside of a Kaelyssa backlash list and a themed Dawnguard list, I'm failing to see a reason to take them now. I am sincerely hoping that PPS_DC is wrong and that they are supposed to have flank with their ranged shots.


  1. Let's just hope their UA is awesome.

  2. Flank in no way should work with ranged attacks :) DC is correct.

    I am confidant that you will find uses for one unit over the other!